Making The World More Sustainable

Our Mission

To Actively Design Solutions To Utilize Technology for Improving People’s Quality Of Life While Making The World More Sustainable For Today And The Future


Mega-Trends are big and include some of society’s biggest challenges and opportunities. Mega-Trends are the main drivers to draw a sustainable roadmap​


We are committed to social, environmental, economic and ethical factors​


The more we design solutions, the more we go towards diversification in value chain and ecosystems​

Bionic + Blending Human and Technollogical Capabilities

Cloud Platform 90%
AI/ML 80%
Big-Data 70%
Biotechnology 75%
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Digital Transformation

Kicking digital transformation to gear and pushing the new paradigm engine forward is only possible when you choose the right approach of bionic, blended human and technological capabilities.

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Phanes is made to make the world more sustainable in a very diversified way. A journey starting from ideas to a solution while paying full attention to mega-trends and sustainability principles.

Pourya Mehrpouyan

Founder & CEO

Paul Kohler

Product Designer